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True North Partnership (TNP) has worked in northwestern Ontario in the community of Mishkeegogamang for many years (Please note True North no longer uses the term aboriginal out of respect for the community's wishes). Mishkeegogamang is a community of 1000+ people, among the lowest on Canada's "Community Wellbeing Index" 2006 scale. Each summer for the past 20 years, a team of over 20 volunteers associated with TNP heads north to provide a one-week recreational program for approximately 100 children and youth every August and sponsor a community feast for approximately 150 people. Several times a year, a truck is rented to bring requested donations of food, clothing, sports equipment, educational materials, and computers to the community. Before the pandemic, each year, the grade 8 graduating class from Missabay Community School in Mishkeegogamang came to southern Ontario hosted by TNP and the town of Bradford, Ontario. A local Church provided the school students with a community orientation and sightseeing in southern Ontario. This experience is for a week to give them an award for their academic achievement and to allow them to experience life outside of a reserve environment. Above all, TNP has provided unconditional, culturally sensitive, and respectful support in line with the goals of truth and reconciliation. TNP has also begun hosting Southern Ontario, a community awareness Aboriginal Day events. TNP received its charitable status in 2017-07-10


2) Since 2003, before incorporating in 2016, it has been partnering in the First Nations reserve of Mishkeegogamang, a northwestern Ontario Ojibway community of approximately 1000 people. Our partnership included businesses, the faith community, local provincial and federal politicians, and concerned individuals in the community.

Through these connections, we have provided needed items, including food, clothing, home appliances, sports equipment, etc, to enhance their quality of life, make possible opportunities to participate in meaningful activities, and provide them with the skills and hope for their future. This support has resulted in TNP shipping to the community two or three times a year.


Our partnerships have strengthened our cause and our determination to help bring hope to First Nations communities in Ontario's north; with our partners, we share a belief that all cultures and people must invest in their children and youth;  education is a critical component in preparing children and youth for their future; which when provided appropriately will enable them to experience hope, to encourage the children of Mishkeegogamang we have facilitated students from the community to fly south and experience life off the reserve and enjoy the attractions available in southern Ontario as a reward for academic achievement.

During the pandemic, our support of mishkeegogamang was critical in providing with the help of our partner with critical medical supplies, feminine hygiene supplies, and detergent and cooking supplies.

Due to the school closure, we were asked by the community to supply the children with meaningful activities that would keep them occupied in their homes.      


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